Who We Are

We have more than 75 years of combined senior level experience with some of the largest publishers in America. We are editors, publishers, marketers, and sales executives.

We take pride in the publishing process and want our authors to enjoy the process of seeing their thoughts and words become a published book. We have worked with dozens of best-selling authors who are “Thought Leaders” in their disciplines, yet also been privileged to assist many first time authors as they launch their publishing careers.

Lee Gessner, President and Founder of Franklin Green Publishing is a highly regarded publishing executive. Formerly he was Publisher, and COO of Word Publishing, viewed during his tenure as an elite publisher of high profile Christian authors. Lee also served as EVP at Thomas Nelson as executive in charge of its Publishing and Women of Faith Live Event business. Nelson was the tenth largest book publisher in the world and Lee managed the publishing of best-selling authors from across the religious, sports, political, self-help, and business spectrum. During his tenure, Nelson developed a national reputation for building author brands as well as the development and launch of new and ancillary branded products. Lee founded Franklin Green Publishing in 2010 as an independent publishing option for developing authors. He continues to assist authors in brand development and represents select author clients in New York.